September 2020

September 17th

Three Little Words

September 13th

A Sacred Trust

September 8th

The Right Answer

September 4th

Magnified Word

September 15th

The Maid and the Captain

September 11th

Smitten With Kindness

September 7th

Conscience Exercised

September 3rd


September 14th

The Inscrutable Yet Knowable God

September 10th

Life Abundant

September 6th

Pastors Thoughts of the Week

September 1st

Avoiding Traps

August 2020

August 31st

Therefore Will Not We Fear

August 27th

Pure, Good, and Unfeigned

August 23rd

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

August 18th

Drawn by His Lovingkindness

August 14th

Becoming Holiness

August 10th

His Workmanship

August 6th

This Present Time

August 2nd

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

August 30th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

August 25th

Confidence in His Word

August 21st

Longing Souls

August 17th

God's Declaration

August 13th

Two Steps Back

August 9th

Pastor's Toughts of the Week

August 4th

Will of the Gentiles or the Will of God

August 28th


August 24th

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

August 20th

Inside Out

August 16th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

August 11th

Always Seeking

August 7th

Man Limit God?

August 3rd

Clearly Seen

July 2020

July 31st

In That Day

July 27th

Them That Look For Him

July 21st

God Giveth the Increase

July 17th

In His Light

July 13th

Fully Engaged

July 7th

Prepare Your Heart

July 3th

Love of Righteousness

July 30th

Pillar and Ground

July 26th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

July 20th

Confess and Forsake

July 16th

Three Components of Service

July 12th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

July 6th

Finding Grace in a Corrupt World

July 3rd

How to Praise God

July 28th

But This Man

July 23rd

Secrets of the Heart

July 20th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

July 14th

A Strong Tower

July 10th

Nothing Hid

July 5th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

June 2020

June 30th

As to the Lord

June 26th

Shields of Glory and Lifter

June 22nd

Turning the World Upside Down

June 18th

Flocks and Herds

June 11th

They Overcame Him

June 29th

Worldly Counsel

June 25th

All These Will I Give Thee

June 21st

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

June 16th

The Furtherance of the Gospel

June 9th

We Had Heard Him Ourselves

June 28th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

June 23rd

Inward Parts

June 19th

With Him

June 14th

Pastor's Thoughts of the Week

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